Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The days are weeks and the weeks are days‏

So basically, every day here feels like a week and every week here feels like a day. I don't know how that happens but somehow I love it. Anyways, first and foremost, we got iPads this weekend! We are so lucky. It's definitely a challenge having myldsmail in front of my face all day every day and not being able to use it, but it is SUCH a blessing that we have the amazing resources we do on here! That, and the fact that I hid the mail app in a folder titled "el adversario" so that I don't see it as much. Haha it's definitely worth it being able to have our area book and our schedule and gospel library and everything all in one place!

So, last week was Friday the 13th and we were definitely cursed. So to give you some background info, I'm on a top bunk in our room and I don't have a ladder to get up. And these are super high bunks. So I have to use a chair and try to jump/climb the rest of the way up for, there. It's great fun. So somebody took my chair one morning and since I was obviously disoriented and tired, I didn't notice and I fell right to the ground.... Not my best morning. And then, we ended our lovely Friday the 13th by my comp spraining her ankle and gym time. No Bueno. She's been on crutches and is starting to heal but we (I say we because as a companionship we are basically like a married couple and everything is "ours," including her injury) have to go to rehab every day. It's kinda fun though! And on Sunday we got to ride to the temple in a gold cart thing so I'll try to send a picture. Oh and our last piece of bad luck, hermana Jenkins had a bottle of rancid orange juice that somehow exploded and covered our room... So definitely an unlucky week.. BUT it was still sooo amazing!

As far as learning this week, we're finally starting to pick up the language! We went into our lesson with Raul yesterday with no Spanish cheat sheets or anything and we were actually able to teach him a good lesson! It was such an amazing experience. The gift of tongues is real you guys! Oh also, our other investigator became our teacher. And our teacher became our investigator. It is extremely weird but at the same time when we go in to teach them, it feels real and the spirit is there regardless of the fact that they aren't actually investigators and they already know everything we're teaching them. 

Lastly, I LOVE Elder Holland! We watched a talk he gave here a while ago on Sunday and it was so amazing! As I'm sure most of you know, he says it how it is and isn't the least bit reserved in expressing his feelings about missionary work. So in his talk he said "stop sitting around wasting time wanting to go back to real life. This is as real as your life is ever going to get, and you only have 18-24 months of it, so don't you dare waste it!" That might not be totally verbatim  butt idea of it definitely stuck with me. I am so lucky to be a missionary! Well, I love and miss you all tons and would love to hear from you!
Love, Hermana Suzanna Lewis 

P.S. Hunger games intercom man didn't say lights out last night and we legitimately didn't know what to do. As much as we dislike him, we can't function without him!

This is my twin hermana Lewis and I. This girl is incredible! 

My lovely gimp compañera, her crutches, and I (me? I? I still can't speak English grammatically correct so why they're sending me Spanish speaking I do not know)

My favorite sisters, obviously 

Our sweet ride. Hashtag swag. 


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