Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I feel like..... This week was a complete blur! We were just running
from lesson to lesson and we were so busy that now I don't even know
what happened on the week.
First off, we had mission leader push-up council on Friday and I
really enjoyed it. We've been focusing a lot lately in this mission in
being better teachers and finders and how we can do that. It just
gives me so much motivation to go out and find everyone I can and
teach them the gospel!
Speaking of which, I have LOVED having the Easter initiative to just
be able to show a video about Christ to everyone! And hey, we picked
up 4 new investigators just from that this week :) Easter of course
was great as well. We filled about 100 eggs with scriptures and candy
and "egged" our investigators and less actives and the bishopric,
which was super fun. To be honest, towards the end of the day I was
starting to feel like aside from the fact that I made my companions
listen to "he is risen" in the car with me on repeat all day, I didn't
feel like I'd gotten to really take the day to focus on Christ and his
resurrection. But then I started to realize that as a missionary, I
get to focus on that all day every day, so I shouldn't expect it to
feel much different. When you think about it, the message we share
with everyone is centered on Christ and helped people to better
understand God's plan, which is made possible only through our savior
Jesus Christ and the fact that he lived, suffered, died, and was
resurrected for each and every one of us.
Lastly, I just want to share something president eyring said at the
women's conference on Saturday. He was talking a lot about service and
the pure love of Christ, and he said something to the effect that the
way we can grow closer to our savior as we serve others out of pure
love. I can promise you all that's true and that serving others is the
way to go! And speaking of the women's conference, I hope you all
enjoy general conference this weekend!

Hermana Lewis

1. All the hermanas in the ward
2. Me and Kathy!
3. My hair suddenly got long...
4. Haha kidding. We braided Hermana rosas's hair into mine
5. I made flan this week! From scratch! I'm finally learning how to be
Mexican haha

Monday, March 21, 2016

Less-active hunting ---> "pasen, viejos!" Um... #hallelujah?‏

So, with the new Easter initiative we spent a lot of time trying to
show the video to every member in our area. We haven't quite gotten
there yet, but it's been fun cause it kinda feels like an Easter egg
hunt, but instead of eggs it's inactive members who probably have been
"hidden" for years. And some are even so hidden we have no idea where
they live anymore... But we've actually found a few new people to
teach from knocking the doors where they used to live! One of them, we
knocked and some guy yells "pasen, viejos!" (That basically means he
called us old men and told us to come in) And opens the door, and we
just stood there laughing and confused. As soon as he saw us and
realized we weren't the friends he was expecting, he was mortified and
felt so bad! We laughed it out though, and come to find out the member
we were looking for didn't live there anymore but we got to have a
great lesson with him. And that is why I love that initiative includes
#hallelujah. Cause hallelujah for random miracles :)
So aside from that, I don't have much to share from this week. I got
the flu, which was NOT fun cause we had tons to do that day and I was
supposed to go on exchanges and our mission nurse told me I better not
give it to anyone else. So, because we are lucky enough to be a trio,
I was able to stay with a member from the ward who actually used to be
a nurse. So my companions were able to go do what they do best while
Hermana McLean worked miracles and by the next day I was back to work!
If that doesn't show that the Lord's hand is in the details of our
lives, I don't know what does.
Well, I hope you all have a great week and enjoy your Easter! Love you :) 
Hermana Lewis 
So, I had to go get new glasses this week and while they were waiting
for them to adjust them, of course we had to try a few on.
Hermana Campbell put these on and decided as soon as her hair turns
grey she's buying them Face with tears of joy
We found these in the apartment.... So this was the result. Haha

Monday, March 14, 2016

It's raining, it's pouring‏

So, this week was basically just full of rain. It rained and rained
for days and then we thought the rain has stopped and then it rained
again. But we've enjoyed it a lot :) people apparently are a lot more
willing to let us in when we look like drowned rats. Even if it means
we soak their couches! The rain has also somehow created this odd
desire in us to cook more. Normally we eat like sandwiches or salads
for lunch, but this week we cooked a lot, which also included Hermana
Campbell cooking a taco in salsa and filling our entire apartment with
crazy strong spicy fumes that almost killed us all. Haha so all in
all, it's been fun.
Second item of business, I just wanted to congratulate my little
brother spencer on getting his mission call this week to Helsinki,
Finland! You will be an amazing missionary no doubt about that Smiling face with smiling eyes
Lastly, I wanted to share the followhim.mormon.org website with you
all! If you haven't been there yet, go check it out! They just
released a few new videos for the Easter initiative this year. It's
crazy to me that Easter is just two weeks away, but this website
definitely helped me to better focus in on Easter coming up and the
resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ.
That's all for today, love you all!

Hermana Lewis  

1. So this is obviously dedicated to my brother, spencer. The fact that "King" and "spencer" street here in rosa intersect was definitely
not a coincidence. And it was also not a coincidence that a few days
before his call came, i happened to be on exchanges and we were visiting someone over there so I got to snap a pic :). 
2. Classic rain pics. I definitely left the house with straight hair
that day... 😑Face with tears of joy

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Finding IS fun!‏

Hey everyone!
Honestly, this week was absolutely insane but at the same time I feel
like nothing happened. Long story short, Erick's baptism has been
postponed because we had a huge storm this weekend and bishop wouldn't
let him get baptized at the beach in the storm. It was a bit weird
trying to inform everyone it was cancelled because I felt like we were
calling off a wedding. But on the bright side, this experience has
taught me (and hopefully will teach all of you who are not yet
married) some very important lessons.
1. If your wedding reception is outside, always have a backup in case
the weather is bad.
2. Don't get married until you're 110% sure, cause calling off a
wedding (or a color-schemed beach baptism) is not very fun.
So, there's that. But he still wants to be baptized asap, so pray for
good weather!
Aside from that, basically we spent the week tracting in the rain and
having fun. Let me tell you, as terrified as I was to be in a trio, it
is a blast. You get twice as many laughs, twice as much brain power,
twice as much wisdom, twice as much everything! Something I really
wanted to work on this transfer was to just love finding, and these
two companions of mine have definitely helped me to do that. The other
day, we had a few hours of tracting ahead of us, we were already
soaked head to toe, all of us forgot our rain boots, and we were
absolutely freezing. But somehow me managed to laugh so much that none
of any of that mattered. So moral of the story, finding IS fun when
you've got two companions to keep you entertained! Anyways, have a
great week everyone :) love you all! Sorry I have no pictures this

Hermana Lewis