Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Surprises // mishaps // snowstorms // birthday parties‏

Guys. This week, we made history. Well not really, but sort of. Haha so some background info, we have our schedules in the calendar app on our iPads and they sync to whatever Hermano Mace and Hermana Valdez put in their teaching schedule so we can see what the lesson plan for that day is. So on Wednesday morning, we all got a notification that class with hermano mace had changed to "SOPRESA" (surprise) and that was it. So when he got to class, he first asked if he could have my paper schedule they gave us on day one, then he ripped it into a million pieces and said "we're not making the schedule anymore, you are." Then he pulled the calendar up on the computer and told elder wixom and I that the time was ours. Scary!! So with the help of the rest of the district and hermano mace, we built a new schedule based on exactly what we need to learn. He also told us that this has never been done before and they're testing it out with our zone to see if this will help the missionaries progress faster and that they can trust us. So, sort of intimidating! But we are so excited about it and we're already ahead our original schedule, so I'd say it's going pretty well. I mean, we are the chosen district after all Information desk person hahaha

Alright, so onto the best mishaps of this week. Well first off, elder Olsen had to get surgery which wasn't fun, but we all got to go on a field trip to visit him in the infirmary. Also he showed up to gym time in his wheelchair because he refused to miss out on basketball time. Haha I'm pretty sure his doctors were not happy about that but he sure was. Hermana Burton (my comp) also got really sick and nauseated so her and I had to stay in the room for a bit but luckily it was p-day so we didn't miss out on much. So at dinner time, some of the other hermanas kindly went and got us food, and when they left we realized they forgot silverware, and they brought us spaghetti... And Hermana Burton was too nauseated to even stand, so we were essentially stranded. But genius me found some Popsicle sticks in someone's first aid kit and we ate our spaghetti chopstick style. That was fun.  Also I didn't even spill. Hashtag winning. And lastly, we had a mouse in our room a few days ago! I was in the bathroom getting ready and suddenly I heard screaming and looked back to see a mouse and it scared me so bad I legitimately jumped on top of the sink. So then I got to watch the cute little Latino cleaning lady go diving after the mouse from inside the sink which was quite hilarious. That woman had skills though, she caught our little friend with nothing but her bare hands and a box in about 60 seconds flat. So I'd consider that more of a success than a mishap.

So, my favorite part of this week was last Thursday. We watched a video from president eyring and elder holland called missionary work and the atonement-- for all you future missionaries, or really everyone, go look it up!! It is seriously the most incredible and spiritually uplifting video. In the video they said something to the effect that missionary work isn't easy because salvation is never easy, and that definitely stuck with me. And it applies to more than just missionary work! Life definitely isn't easy, but neither is salvation and we are SO blessed to have the atonement to help us get through it.

Lastly, I don't know if I've mentioned this before but we go to the temple early Tuesday mornings and it is amazing because we eat breakfast at the temple and that food is seriously celestial. And also obviously we get to be in the temple which is my favorite place in the entire world. But today we got caught in a snowstorm walking back and none of us were wearing shoes cut out for the snow (because who knows why but they don't allow rain boots or combat boots here) so it took us probably 30 minutes to waddle back down the street so we didn't slip and I'm pretty sure the 18 of us looked like a sad pack of penguins. BUT the temple is SO worth it!

Hermano Mace's birthday was yesterday so we stole a ton of cookies from the cafeteria and made him a cookie cake (don't worry I haven't lost my love for cake making/decorating-- I definitely spearheaded this activity) and filled the room with balloons. So here is all of us at his little birthday party!

Sometimes we all go a little crazy in our assigned spots in the classroom so we wheel our chairs around until someone's foot gets run over. Usually that takes about two seconds but this day I got all the way across the room. Woot woot!

Lastly, here's my lovely twin (the other Hermana Lewis) and I. On day one we saw some girls matching and we wanted to throw up. Now we are those people... But we still want to throw up. It's fine.


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