Monday, May 18, 2015

"Active" less active‏

Alright, let me tell you all about Shari. She's our "active" less active. She loves to talk about how much this gospel blesses her life and how important it is to come to church and read your scriptures... But in the two months I've been here she hasn't read her scriptures or been to church once. Haha seriously, this lady cracks me up. Her husband isn't a member and she'll say things to us like, "he just doesn't know what he's missing! Coming to church is the best part of my week. I just love it." And then she'll always tell us "I haven't been able to read, but it's in the works. I promise." And my favorite thing about her is that every time we go over she says she is so overwhelmed and busy and has no time for a message, but then she won't let us help her with anything and then she talks for 45 minutes. But don't worry, we always manage to slide a few scriptures/gospel principles into the conversation Smirking faceFace with tears of joy 

On a more serious note, we got to visit an investigator who I absolutely love that we haven't seen in a while this weekend! Her name is marina and she has two kids, but sadly they were out with their dad so we didn't get to see them. Their family is so incredible and ready for the gospel. And she even said Yaqueline (her daughter) has been asking about us lately cause she misses us! Smiling face with smiling eyes her quinceñera is next month and she wants to have us bring the elders over to give her a blessing that morning, and she wants our help with getting everything put together. Most of you know how much I love decorating things, so I'm really hoping I don't get transferred and miss it! Not only because of that, but I've truly fallen in love with Sonoma. I can't imagine leaving this place! Actually, a woman who grew up here but has since moved away came to visit church yesterday, and I got talking to her about Sonoma and how this is my first area and she just broke into tears and told me how lucky I was to be in such a wonderful city with such great people. And I know she was right-- the people here truly are amazing and I love them so much. So, I guess the point of this email is that I love Sonoma and all of its weird, hilarious, loving, incredible people. 

But of course I love all you people at home even more Smiling face (black and white) have a great week!

Love, Hermana Suzanna Lewis 

Also, I don't know if this video will work, but it's worth a shot. We got these black boxes put in our car that basically tell us what to do, and ours talks to us a lot. Haha so a took a quick video of a typical ride in the car Face with tears of joy (we think this is a lot funnier than it actually is, sorry not sorry)


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