Thursday, May 14, 2015

Well, I've got almost two weeks packed with crazy‏

Well, I've got almost two weeks packed with crazy stuff that I need to
update you on, so I'll get right to the point! First off, I feel like
I'm officially a Spanish missionary cause I eat carne asada (roasted
meat) and napales (cooked cactus) like every day. Second, Hna nimmer
rolled the window down in the car wash (intentionally... And I have no
idea why) this week and I was covered in pink soap in seconds. That was fun. 
So here's the low-down on Jeremias. We got a call last week from a
member who said he wants us to not contact or visit Jeremias for 2
weeks.. And his baptism was set for this Saturday. He wouldn't tell us
why or what was going on, just to do it. My heart just sank because we
thought Jeremias wasn't interested anymore or something. This was on
Thursday, and the next two days were sooo hard. But, Sunday morning
came and there was Jeremias with his family at church! I couldn't stop
smiling. Everything went well and we were able to meet with them that
night. He was completely honest with us and said he just still doesn't
feel ready but didn't want to let us down, but he definitely wants us
to keep visiting him. We were a little sad that he won't be getting
baptized on Saturday anymore, but still soo happy cause he told us he
really wants this and that we can't give up on him!

I also have to tell you all about Ramon, cause he's one of my new
favorites (shh, don't tell anyone). He's in his early 20's, works at
subway (which the elders go to like every day), and makes fun of the
elders every time we see him cause he thinks they're too proper. He 
said the elders used to visit when he was younger but he would hide
from them cause he thought they were weird. Haha but now, I guess
things have changed cause he never hides from us! :) We give him
reading homework every time we visit, and unlike 95% of investigators,
he actually does it! He's progressing pretty well and we're super
excited cause he has soo much potential!

I got to go to Napa on exchanges with Hermana pulley again! She is the
best. I was also with Hermana Rosas cause they're in a trio now. Being
in a trio is a very... Different. We had to get 30 contacts instead of
20 and we had basically the entire day booked with lessons, but God is
always blessing us with miracles so we were able to do it! Plus we had
soo much fun! And the elders made carne asada for us for dinner, so
what more could we ask for really? Haha all in all, it was a pretty
great exchange.

Well, on to the two best parts of the week- talking to my family and
going to the temple! Best experiences EVER. We got to call home on
Mother's Day, which I'm sure all of you know, but it was truly
amazing. In case you didn't all know already, I pretty much have the
best family ever. I am so grateful for those people. And today, I got
to go to the temple and be reminded that i am sealed to them for
eternity :) I have been so excited to go to the temple since pretty
much the day I flew into Oakland and saw the temple up on the hill.
And going this morning was as amazing as I'd hoped it would be! I
can't even express to you how much I love the temple and how grateful
I am that we have so many all around us. Any of you who can go to the
temple, please go this week! I can promise you won't regret it. You
can even just go sit on the lawn or something. And take a picture to
send to me :)

Well, sorry this is so long again! But i promise Monday will be
shorter cause I'll only have the weekend to report on. I love and miss
you all a lot, thanks for all your love and support!

Love, Hermana Suzanna Lewis

1- my amazing family on Skype this Sunday! Aren't they a lovely
looking bunch? Smiling face (black and white)️
2- me at the temple
3- my lovely comp and I
4- you can see the whole bag area from the temple, but this isn't the
best picture cause it's kinda stormy today. Just take my word for it,
it's gorgeous.


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