Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tender mercies (that's probably been my subject line many times... But why not)‏

Happy Martin Luther King day! I hope you are all enjoying it :) this
week was great for me, we saw a lot of tender mercies :) so on
Tuesday, I got to go on exchanges with sister bear which is always a
blast. I can't even tell you how weird our day was- we showed up to
dinner 1 1/2 hours early, got hit on by drunk men, helped a blind man
carry his groceries, and who knows what else... But it was such an
amazing day! The best part was, we were talking about how her goal
right now is to find 2 new investigators, so we were praying for that.
And the next day, she told me they had the most amazing lesson with a
couple who is super interested and has a lot of potential! It was just
one of those moments where I was so grateful for the little tender
mercies of the Lord :) another tender mercy we had this week was that
we got to church Sunday and I was feeling a little discouraged because
our only solid investigator is becoming a little distant and we
weren't sure what to do, but just as I was starting to feel down, 2 of
our less-active families that we're working with walked in to
sacrament meeting :) and a few minutes later, another walked in! God
really does love us :) that definitely lifted my spirits!
So we also had zone conference this week, where we were able to learn
a lot from president and sister wright and the APs. I think my
favorite thing we talked about from the whole day was charity. We
talked about how the reason charity never fails is because it's the
pure love of Christ- and Christ never fails. I never really thought
about it that way before, but it definitely makes a lot of sense now
and I loved it so much I just wanted to share :)
One last thing, the mission finally has our blog up! It's still in
progress and honestly I'm not sure if there's even any pictures on
there with me in them, but if anyone wants to check it out, go to
http://thecaliforniasantarosamission.com/ and you have to log in, so
here's the info: 
Username: missionary 
Password: CASRMD&C88:73 

Hermana Lewis 
1. Me and sister bear! 
2. This is the porters, my favorite senior couple that ever lived! 
3. We found a sign this week that said "truth" so obviously I had to
take a picture with it cause the Book of Mormon is truth :) 
4. Me at the Shultz museum today! The guy who creates peanuts is from
rosa so there's a cool museum here dedicated to him 
5. Me & my compy : ) 


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