Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New year, new transfer!‏

Happy new year! I hope you all enjoyed it :) mine was actually great,
haha president's rule was that we had to be home or in a member's
home, and the Velazquez invited us over for their party. Granted we
had to be home at 9 and we slept through the countdown, but it was
fun. That was probably the most exciting part of my week... Oh wait! I
almost forgot, it's transfer week! But the good news is.... My
companion and I are both staying here in rosa together! We are soooo
excited :) it is going to be such a great transfer, we're ready to see
lots of miracles for sure!
So on to our investigators, they're doing really well. We took Eric to
a baptism on Saturday, his first one ever, and he loved it! President
and sister wright were there too, so he got to meet them which was
really good for him. He's so close to baptism, he just doesn't know it
yet! He has a date for February 29, but he wants to be baptized in
bodega bay, and bishop says he can only do that on a Saturday morning,
and that's a Monday. So, blessing in disguise, we're gonna have to
make him push up his date! :) so if yall could keep him in your
prayers that he'll understand that he truly is ready for baptism, it
would be much appreciated! I think that's about all for today, I love
you all have a great week back at school! 
Hermana Lewis 
1. Okay, this is Martin Velazquez and that little toy he has in his
hand is crazy. (I don't know why he was feeding it champurrada, haha
don't ask) It just talks randomly all the time which it's not supposed
to do... It even talks when it's turned off! He said the other day he
was home alone watching tv and all of the sudden it says "are you
there?" And now he's legitimately terrified of it. On our lesson
yesterday it started saying "achoo!" And he decided he was done with
it and we needed to dispose of it. So, granted, we took it home and
hid it in the other sisters' bedroom :) haha 
2. This is Hermana Steiner, one of my absolute favorite hermanas! She
dies today Crying face which means she is finishing her mission and going home.
We tried to take a cute picture but we're a mess and I decided this
picture describes us better than any of the cute ones. Haha. 
3. Okay I'm not sure if this will send, but this is dariel (the
velazquez's baby) and this is what he does all through our lessons
every time. Haha he's a little dancing queen



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