Monday, April 11, 2016

Napa valley livin'‏

Hey everyone,
So I'm officially in my new area! After being in Santa Rosa for 6
months and always being around so many people, it's definitely an
adjustment but I love it. So a little background on my area- first
off, we live in Calistoga. And for those of you who know me well,
you'd probably be amused to know that we live down the street from a
nunnery. Haha and if that means nothing to you ignore it and keep
reading. So we actually cover 5 cities- Calistoga, yountville, angwin,
pipe valley,mand st. Helena. Let me just tell you, every one of these
cities is sooo gorgeous! There's vineyards everywhere and we're up in
the mountains (or big hills, whatever you want to call them) and
surrounded by the clouds half the time which is super cool. Our area
is full of super wealthy vineyard owners and vacationing celebrities,
and then the lower-income vineyard workers who are usually the people
willing to listen to us. It's kind of weird being in a zebra because
most of the people we teach are Spanish speakers, but my companion is
so amazing and cute about it and we have had so much fun. My companion
is super adorable little Georgia peach and I just love her :)
As far as what happened this week, we had a pretty cool miracle on
Saturday. So we were visiting potential investigators on this street
and then we're going to go visit an investigator a couple blocks over.
We were going to drive, cause we were feeling lazy that day, and then
we changed our minds and walked there. On our walk there, we met this
family outside their house and asked if we could do anything for them.
The mom got choked up and asked us to pray for her daughter, and then
went on to tell us about all the things she was going through. They
invited us in to pray and by the time we had finished, they were all
in tears. We testified to them of god's love for them and the power of
the atonement and prayer, and then the mom hugged us so hard I thought
I might suffocate. It was such a tender experience and I was so
grateful that we were able to be in the right place at the right time
because we followed the prompting to stop being lazy and walk a
little. When we do what God asks of us, even if it's not the most
convenient thing, miracles happen. I promise. And that is all I have
for you today, wonderful people that I love! 
Hermana Lewis  
1. Me and my adorable godchild, Hermana foster, when we were being
transferred to Napa zone!
2. Me and Hermana Campbell, the day we killed Hermana Rosas (in the
mission, when you are someone's last companion before they go home,
that means you "kill" them. I know it sounds weird and morbid but just
don't think of it that way.) 
3. After we dropped off Hermana Rosas at the mission home, we ate
dinner with her parents and brother at Hermana vasquez's house :) 
4. My adorable comp and I :) I told her we needed to take a picture
this morning and she replied with "but everyone is gonna think you're
companions with a pumpkin!" Hahaha one of the many reasons I love this


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