Monday, April 18, 2016

"Rich people need salvation too"‏

I can't even put this week into words! It was NUTS. This crazy thing
has been happening where literally everyone is being super nice and
we've been getting in tons of doors and we even picked up 8 new
investigators this week! (for us, that's a big deal.) God is just
blessing us sooo much.
So I want to tell you a cool story about something that happened
yesterday. So we went to this pretty rich area and were planning to
tract there, which we weren't super stoked about to be honest. We
don't always love going to the rich neighborhoods cause they're
usually rude white people who don't want to listen. But considering
that we cover English and Spanish, and my companion doesn't speak
Spanish, we've been trying really hard to deal with it and find
English work. Cause believe it or not, rich white people need
salvation too! So we get to this neighborhood yesterday and are
knocking doors, when we came to the door of this super nice family.
(Yes, they were Spanish speaking, so I'll admit we didn't find any
English work there. But it's okay.) they let us right in and we taught
them the restoration and the spirit that was present was super
powerful. The father was super interested and involved, and even said
yes to baptism! The mother wasn't quite as interested, which was a bit
of a bummer, but then something amazing happened. We invited them to
church, and she didn't seem to hip on that idea, and said they don't
speak English so they wouldn't understand. But then we told them how
there's a translator there. Without even knowing the words had left my
mouth, I said "the man who translates is a white guy, but his Spanish
is really good so you'll like him." I immediately questioned myself as
to why I would say something so weird, but then they were like "wait a
minute, what's his name?" We told them who it was, and the mother was
suddenly ecstatic and told us that he knew their family super well,
and had been some of their kids' teacher at the high school. They then
went on to tell us how they wanted their son to be more religious but
he doesn't listen to them and just keeps to himself and the few
friends he has, but he had absolutely loved this member and being in
his class and they thought that might make him get more involved. It
was such a sweet experience to have that confirming feeling that we
had been guided by the spirit to be in the right place at the right
time and to say the right things (even if it was weird and awkward) in
order to have that experience with that family.
So aside from that, we set a baptismal date with our investigator for
June 11th and that was pretty awesome, cause he set it completely on
his own! Hmm also we met one of our member's friends randomly in the
park which was a cool tender mercy cause she's been interested in the
church lately but we've never met with her until we happened to run
into her that day! I'm not kidding when I say everything is going
great here! Our little branch is also amazing, there's not many of
them but they sure are good to us, I'd be lying if I said we weren't
spoiled. Speaking of which this first picture I'm sending was taken
mainly for my dad- the other day I had paella for dinner! We have a
member who works at Calistoga inn, a super nice restaurant here, and
feeds us there twice a week. And she even reserves us a table by the
river :) as for my other pictures, when we went shopping last week we
passed a place called Susie's so obviously I had to get a picture.
Haha and the last one is my scenic picture for the week- this place is
just too darn gorgeous but I don't want to be that annoying person
that sends a million pictures of scenery that nobody wants to get. So
I'll just send one, this is the front patio of one of our members who
lives out on a vineyard.
Well that's all, love you all!

Hermana Lewis


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