Monday, April 4, 2016


So, first let me apologize because I don't usually proof-read my
emails, nor do I read them after I send them. But last week I did, and
wow I am sorry. You probably don't understand anything I say, so I
guess I want to thank you guys for putting up with my terrible emails.
Now, let me explain the subject line of my email. So in this mission,
they say that everyone who starts their mission in the Napa zone
(which would include me) will always go back to serve in that zone
again later on in their mission. Hence, "Napa-trapped." Well, that
rings true for me! I'm getting transferred to St. Helena, which is in
the Napa zone! It's only about a 20 minute drive through the mountains
(but when I say mountains, I mean hills. These mountains are nothing
compared to the Utah mountains, but I respect and love the people here
enough to let them think they have mountains.) and is super beautiful.
I went there a few times as a greenie :) I will also be in a zebra
with an English sister, sister malmfeldt. I've never served around her
but she's super cute and I'm super excited. President has asked me to
continue serving as STL over there, so I'll also get to go on
exchanges with the Sonoma sisters! So all in all, it's gonna be great.
I'm super sad to see this transfer come to an end, but I'm excited to
keep applying all the wonderful things my two companions have taught
me in my next area :)
Well, aside from that, the highlight of my week was definitely general
conference! It was such a good one. I think I'd have to say that my
favorite talk was elder holland's. He talked a lot about how much God
loves us and how much her wants to see us succeed. One thing he said
was "the great thing about the gospel is that we get credit for
trying, even if we don't succeed." How true that is! I just want you
all to know and remember that God loves YOU. Individually. And if you
ever doubt that, pray to him. And also read elder Holland's talk, or
president uchtdorf's, or elder hallstrom's :) all 3 of those go
perfectly with that. And I hope you all know too that I love you guys!
Have a great week! 
1. Hermanas trip to the beach last week 
2. Me and Leslie! My friend for eternity :) 
3. Weeding the velazquez's yard 
4. Angie took us and the healdsburg elders out to lunch for a farewell party 
5. This is hermano Miranda, who is seriously the best member
missionary that has ever existed. He would do anything for us, and I
am so incredibly grateful for him. Words can't express my love and
appreciation for him. So instead I'll just give you a picture of him!


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