Monday, May 9, 2016

Highlights on highlights‏

This last week and a half was so full of highlights, I think the whole
thing was just one big highlight! But to share a few of the great
experiences we had, the first one was in the lovely land of Sonoma :)
so I was on exchanges there and it was kinda hard cause jackie and
marina, the morales family (they were my investigators who got
baptized there last year) lives there and I am really close with them,
but it wasn't my area and I wasn't about to go against the plans they
had for the day to go see the people I wanted to. But that night, we
were driving on highway 12 (which is where they live) and got stuck in
traffic right about where their house was. Then Hermana foster, who
was driving said, "you know what? I think this family needs a visit.
Let's see them." And sure enough, she pulls into their parking lot!
Jackie answered the door and we just hugged and cried and talked and
it was such a great experience. We shared a message and it was so cool
for me to see the change that has occurred in them this past year
since becoming members.
Next, the other day my companion and I were both feeling a bit sick.
We got home for lunch and just had terrible headaches and felt so
lethargic, we decided to take our lunch time to nap, hoping it would
make us feel better. Well, we both woke up feeling pretty much the
same. We sat for a bit debating what would be best to do and if we
should just stay in and get rest, but I think we both just felt
something pushing us to go out. So we decided to go get some sodas to
try and give us some energy, and we got back to work. I can't tell you
how grateful I am for the afternoon we had! We went out and visited 4
different people who we'd put in our plans that we've been trying to
see ever since I got here, and have never had any luck. Well, all four
of them answered and let us in and we had great lessons with them! So
that definitely made me grateful that we were able to follow
promptings of the spirit, even if it was a bit grudgingly, to be able
to see those miracles.
Lastly, we went to the temple this morning! Which I think is
definitely a highlight to anyone's week! It's been 6 months since I
last got to go, and it was my last time I'll go to the temple on my
mission, so it was a very special experience for me :) and I think
I'll end it on that this week! Love you all, happy Mother's Day! 
Hermana Lewis 
1. I had to get a picture with this giant Book of Mormon, obviously 
2. So, we had to go to Santa Rosa for some things on Monday and we
stopped for lunch there cause A&W is literally the only fast food
place in all of the five cities we cover so we got some fast food and
it was such a treat. Although I don't even like fast food that much,
it's just one of those things I only want when i can't have it.... 
3. A sample of the things my companion inspires me to do in our free time. 
4. Me with Jackie and marina, my favorites!!!


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