Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Road trips for days‏

So, this week felt like one giant road trip... And let me tell you, I
have come to the conclusion that working hard and being on my feet and
getting exhausted by the work makes me a lot happier than I thought it
did! After spending a week on the road and getting tired from doing
nothing, I now know I much prefer getting tired from doing something
So, we went to Sonoma twice for exchanges and service, then Napa, then
back to Napa and Sonoma to pick up a few people for MLC, and on top of
that we were all over in our area as well, so we spend hours on end in
the car and in traffic. But on the bright side, I think this was my
favorite MLC that I've attended. It was exactly what I needed right
now and helped me out a ton. We talked a lot about giving your full
heart to the lord and being fully invested in the work and desiring to
do the lord's will. My desire to work as hard as I possibly can and
give everything to the lord just shot through the roof! Needless to
say, it was beyond worth leaving the house at 6:30am and not coming
home until 7pm!
Also this week we we had interviews with president which I just loved,
as always! Although, my lifelong (well, mission-long) dream of staying
here forever and just floating around the mission has been confirmed
as not happening. :( when I went in with him, he said "Hermana, how do
you feel about nearing the..." And I hurried and stopped him to
explain my plan to him, and he laughed at me for a good while and said
"in case that laugh didn't answer your question, the answer is no."
Haha president wright is probably one of my favorite people that
exists, in case you weren't aware.
Aside from that, we found a lot of new investigators this week. This
area is kind of difference because we pick up so many new
investigators all the time, but it's quite a challenge to get people
progressing towards baptism. But we know it's possible and we're just
going to keep working for it :) I don't think I have much else to tell
you, so I hope you all enjoy your holiday today! 
Hermana Lewis 
1. Me and my lunch buddy, Conrad :) we eat lunch with him at the vets
home every week while he tells us war stories 
2. Scenery, of course 
3. Me and sister malmfeldt at MLC! 
4. The young men thought it would be a brilliant idea to destroy our
car.... So this is before 
5. And after. (We were not impressed. Also, I'm accepting submissions
of ideas on how to get them back)


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