Monday, May 23, 2016

Solo español‏

So, my subject line basically describes my life now! My new companion
is super amazing and we have had a great week, and everything is in
Spanish! Because she only speaks Spanish. She just got here from
Mexico last month, and she didn't speak any English when she got here,
so she's learning right now. And because of that we speak in Spanish
24/7! It's crazy! I'm quickly learning that for one, my Spanish is no
Bueno. And two, I'm convinced it takes different muscles to speak
Spanish because my face muscles are always tired. Haha there's a nice
fun fact for the day.
Anyways... I don't know if I have much to report to you all today!
We're just teaching lots of lessons and finding new people! One
miracle we saw this week was that as it is a new transfer, our
president sent out an email with the "standards of excellence" for the
transfer. He asked a few different things of us but one of them was
that we have a minimum of 3 member present lessons a week. Now I know
that doesn't sound like much, but it is next to impossible to get
members to come to lessons here, because they either don't speak
Spanish and don't feel comfortable coming to Spanish lessons with us,
or they do and they are crazy busy or live way out in the middle of
nowhere and can't make it. So needless to say, we knew that would be a
challenge. But I was bound and determined to focus on that and have
been praying like crazy that God will help us. Well, our first day of
the transfer we had 2 member present lessons! Then we also had another
lesson later where we tried soo hard to get a member there and nobody
we could think of who lives close enough to was available, so we
decided we'd just have to try for next time. Well, it was at the
church (which, to fill you in, is wayyy far away from our branch
president's house) and low and behold there was our branch president
finishing up some business and he offered to join us! See, when you
have faith and do your part to accomplish the things that are in
accordance with God's will, he'll always provide. And for that reason,
I love this work more than I can even express to you all!  
Hermana Lewis  
1. On our way down the hill from angwin, it just has the most gorgeous view! 
2. Me and Lance, one of our investigators at the vets home. This man
is such a character- but he always makes it to church on Sunday! 
3. The famous Napa valley sign, finally haha 
4. The beautiful Napa River. Fun fact, it's also the back of the
monastery hahaha 
5. Typical vineyard picture, of course (sorry, I can't remember if i
already sent this one home)


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