Monday, June 20, 2016

Embarrassing... (Probably should be my subject line every week)‏

Happy late Father's Day everyone!
So, basically have a bunch of random thoughts for you all this week. First off, this happened a while ago and I think I totally spaced writing home about it, but do you all remember my investigator, Jeremías, from Sonoma? The one whose baptism got cancelled the week of? Well, he finally decided to take the leap of faith and he was baptized! I just wanted to let you all know because it made me sooo happy :)
Next item of business.... Well, this is more just funny, but this Tuesday at district meeting, my awesome district leaders brought me a bacon maple donut (my favorite) to celebrate my birthday. Then they brought normal donuts for all the rest, and at the beginning of district meeting they passed them out. Well, just as I was taking the first bite, guess who decided to make a surprise visit? Yep, president wright. OF ALL PEOPLE. he immediately started laughing (not knowing the background to why I was the only one eating a huge maple donut with a big greasy slab of bacon on top) and as the district leaders tried to explain it was just to celebrate my birthday, president said something to the effect of "I just can't believe Hermana Lewis is about to put that in her stomach! What has gotten into you?!" Let me just say, it was a very embarrassing experience. And sister wright may or may not have texted me that night and told me I have a problem and need to talk to the mission nurse... (Haha of course she was just joking, but to be fair, president and I had an agreement that neither of us would tell sister wright, because he ended up eating a donut as well and didn't want her to know... But obviously he broke his end of the agreement)
While I'm on the topic of embarrassing situations, this week some kid crashed his bike into a car in front of us so we pulled over and got out to see if he was okay, and of course then a nun walked over and I immediately started sweating and having a panic attack... But I'll have you know I didn't cry and I even smiled at her! :)
What else... Umm we got a call from the AP's the other day and they asked us to host a mini-missionary (someone who is planning to go on a mission and comes to stay with us for a few days to see what mission life is like) this week! So basically we'll be a trio for a few days and we are super stoked! Aside from that, we've just been walking all over trying to save miles so we are exhausted, but it's a good exhausted! One bonus of that is we are walking around by where we live a ton and we just started teaching one of our cute neighbors and she is awesome! She's read parts of the Book of Mormon before and as we were talking about it with her she just lit up with excitement :) so we are praying she continues to make progress!
Anyways, have a great week everyone, love you all!
Hermana Lewis 

1. my comp and I 
2. Jazz! A cute less active who has been living here for the past 2 months but she moved to Arizona this week :(
4. No shame. Haha we saw this sticker the other day of one direction in their tween days and the immature kid in me came out...


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