Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dying in Heaven!‏

We got transfer info this week, and my companion and I are both
staying here in st. Helena! I am so stoked I get to finish my mission
in this wonderful place. Hence why my subject line is "dying in
heaven." It was a very weird feeling getting transfer info for my last
transfer of the mission- it just doesn't feel real! But I am stoked to
work my tail off and have a great transfer :)
So as far as things that happened this week, we got our mini
missionary! It was such a blast. Her name is Dani and she is just the
most adorable ball of sunshine ever. It was so fun to have her energy
for a few days and see how willing she was to do absolutely anything-
I sure learned a lot from her example!
This Sunday I was asked to speak in sacrament meeting, and I wanted to
share something I learned as I was preparing my talk. So I spoke about
how we need to be the Lord's hands, and I decided to research a bit
deeper on what that could mean. So I was researching the word "hand"
and I'd never really thought about it this way until now- but when you
put it in literal terms, the brain typically has an idea of what it
wants to do (aka, purpose) and most of the time, it has to send the
message to the hands, and the hands get the task done. Well, that
applies to us because the lord has a purpose and things he wants to
accomplish, so sometimes he has to send a message to his "hands" (aka,
us) to get the task done. So as I was thinking about all this, I had
to ask myself the question of whether or not I was putting myself in a
place where I could receive that message and follow through with it.
And if I wasn't, what I needed to do to get there. Now I'm not even
sure if any of those thoughts I just threw up onto this email made any
sense, so if they don't, just ignore it. But if they do, ask yourself
the same question, because at least for me, a whole lot of guidance
came out of it. So anyways, I hope you all have a lovely week and
enjoy the first few days of July!  
Hermana Lewis  
1. Us with Dani! 
2. I got to see my faves this week :) 
3. My favorite woman, sister cross. Haha everyone calls her corky. She
asked to see this picture and when I showed her she said "aw man, I
look like a fat old lady!" 
4. One of my good friends, Hermana Figueroa! She finishes her mission
tomorrow :( 
5. Our zone! Minus a few of the elders 


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