Monday, April 6, 2015

Sonoma, you've been egged‏

Although this week passed in the blink of an eye, I'd definitely count it as one of the best weeks ever. Holidays in the mission are the best! Not to mention it was conference weekend as well-- what a week! Let me talk about easter for a minute. Seriously, I wish I could have 100 easters in the mission! So in the morning, my cute comp sent me on a scripture easter egg/scavenger hunt which was super sweet of her. Then we got to watch conference, which was amazing as usual! We watched the sunday morning session in Spanish because one of our less-actives came, and he brought his non-member family which was soo awesome! He wants this gospel so badly for his family and there's nothing I love more than seeing that desire in his eyes. He was so funny cause we took them on a church tour after conference ended and he kept asking his wife "what do you think?" "don't you like it here?!" "doesn't this church feel so much more peaceful?" Haha he is the best. It was such an awesome experience.

So after conference, we egged the city. Haha not really, but sort of. We filled a ton of easter eggs with candy and scriptures/messages and left them on investigators, less-actives, members, and the elders' doorsteps, with notes that said "happy easter, you've been egged!" some of my favorite parts of the day were hiding somewhere and watching some of the families with young kids opening the door and seeing the excitement on their faces, especially since a lot of people in this area don't really celebrate easter cause they just don't have the money for it. So anyways, after that, we did an easter egg hunt with Ashley, Jeremias and Aida's daughter. I can't remember if I've told you all about them, but Aida is a member and Jeremias is our most solid investigator. And even better than that, we set baptismal date with Jeremias yesterday! Definitely my favorite miracle of this week. So to explain baptismal dates a bit (cause I didn't know this before I came out here), we're supposed to set a date the second lesson. So right now, we have somewhere around 7 investigators with a baptismal date, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're solid. But Jeremias has been taught almost everything and truly wants to be baptized, but he just hasn't felt ready because he doesn't think he knows enough. But finally, yesterday, he had enough faith to take that jump and set a solid date for April 25! I am so excited for him. The moment he told us he was ready for a date was definitely the highlight of my easter sunday.
So, we found an awesome new investigator this week that I want to tell you about, cause his son is pretty much my favorite person I've ever met. So this guy's name is Jose, and his son is Jose jr. Jose was out in his yard trying to round up a bunch of hens he has, so we offered to help. We ended up teaching him a lesson and it was super awesome. He has so much potential, I can't wait to teach him more! He was so funny though, and his son was even funnier! He talked to us in english at first, and then saw our nametags and was like "wait, you speak spanish?!" and we were like "wait, you speak spanish too?! you don't even have an accent!" and he just laughed and said "ya, I used to have a white lady. But that was bad. Now I have a spanish lady. We're married." Haha so then we talked to him about eternal families and he was super interested in that. He's just one of those people I can see getting sealed in the temple one day and that makes me so excited for them. Also as we were leaving, his son got home from school and we got to meet him. He immediately ran over to us and acted like we'd been friends forever. It was the cutest thing. And then while we were walking away he said "bye! I wish you were my babysitters!" I don't know why, it just made my day. Kids are the best.
OH! I almost forgot. In case any of you haven't seen the "He Lives" video yet, GO WATCH IT! Actually even if you have seen it, watch it again! I can promise you it never gets old. I have that thing memorized and I still love it! Seriously, it is such an amazing video. I've loved having that the past week to show to investigators or even just people we meet on the street, because without fail, it brings the spirit. And just like that video, I testify that he lives! And I'm so grateful we had this easter/conference weekend to remember and celebrate that. Have a great week everyone!

Love, Hermana Suzanna Lewis

So here's my district! There's elder smith, who as you can see is one of a kind. Haha he's one of the funniest kids out there. Then elder butterfield, who only has 1 1/2 vocal cords and was raised in puerto rico. I asked him on like day 2 how his spanish was so good cause he's only been out 6 months, and he said he grew up in south america. I thought it was a joke until a few days ago. Haha but ya, they're awesome. and they're our district leaders. Then elder tooley, who some of you might know. He's from bountiful and he's super awesome and hilarious. Actually, all 3 of those elders went to neighboring schools- davis, viewmont, and bountiful. They're my davis county crew. Haha and then there's elder mitchell, he grew up in england and new york and he's super proper. Haha and my companion, sister nimmer! She is the best trainer out there. I don't know what I'd do without her! I feel like anything I accomplish in my mission will be thanks to her, cause she's already taught me so much in just 3 weeks!

This picture is from the top of this hill we run on sometimes. Sorry it's kinda dark and there's not a whole lot to see, but I still thought it was pretty. California is so green! I don't think I'm ever going to be able to leave!


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