Tuesday, April 28, 2015

¿Transfer doctrine?‏

So, transfers are weird. Let me just tell you that. First off, the zone leaders send out a voicemail Friday night telling us what will happen with each missionary in the zone on transfer day (tomorrow), which they call "transfer doctrine." I think that's weird, but idk. Maybe I'm just weird. Anyways, it's basically impossible to understand and they say things like "elder jones, you're dead (which means going home). Elder smith will be taking your place." Like what? Also, Sister Alba called Hermana nimmer to ask her to be STL and apparently she wasn't excited enough about it on the phone, so she basically told her never mind and called someone else Flushed faceFace with tears of joy. But hey, I won't complain about that! That means less exchanges for us! Haha anyways, Hermana nimmer and I are both staying here in Sonoma and I am super excited! Elder butterfield and Elder tooley are leaving us which is sad. It's crazy how close you can get to people in just 6 weeks... I don't know how I'm gonna do this whole goodbye thing every transfer! But the good thing is that I know this truly is inspired and we are all being put where the Lord needs us. And, added bonus... Hermana nimmer and I will be here for Jeremias' baptism!!

Speaking of Jeremias, let me update you all on him... So his baptismal date was this Saturday, but it wasn't super solid, we were only able to meet with him once or twice the past two weeks, plus there was a ward conflict that day and it just wasn't working out. We were getting sort of discouraged about it, but then we met with him this week and had our best lesson yet! He's been really hesitant about baptism cause his mom passed away and she was a Jehovah's Witness, and he doesn't want to disrespect her by joining another church. But this week we had a lesson on temple work and taught him about how there's missionaries on her side of the veil too, and he can do temple work for his mom one day. That lesson completely turned things around, and at the end we asked him if he was ready to pick a new date, and he told us he really does want to be baptized now, and he chose may 16! We are so excited for him! We're just praying that he'll keep that excitement and desire so everything can fall into place.

So other than that, this week was a lot of service! We got to do service almost every day which was super fun (plus, more service=more time to wear pants). On Saturday we had a stake-wide service project. That was also fun cause our entire zone was there and we got to say goodbye to everyone that will be leaving. Hermana nimmer and I were pruning trees/bushes and must have enjoyed it a bit to much cause by the time we got done with one of the bushes, it didn't even exist anymore. But hey, it was totally dead. We think. Haha we also had the ward talent show Saturday night! Man, this ward is so funny. We had a contortionist, a never ending skit put on by the scouts, and every female over the age of 40 sang some hilarious alphabet song together. I can't even express to you how much I enjoyed that night! Haha. Anyways, that's about all I've got this week! Thanks for all the love and support, I love you all!!

Okay so pictures. (Hopefully they'll work!) 
1- the talent show
2- sonomawood! It's a film festival they have here. Photo cred: elder tooley
3- here's my Davis county crew on a hike! Haha obviously I'm not in it.. But I thought it was a good picture worth sharing. Elder tooley on the left and Elder butterfield on the right are the ones leaving. I'm gonna miss this district!

Love you guys, have a great week!
Hermana Suzanna Lewis 


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