Monday, July 13, 2015

MORALES' BAPTISM! Week of miracles‏

This week was absolutely incredible. I've got a lot of miracles to
tell you about, so I'll get right to it! First and foremost, remember
the morales family That I talked about nonstop back in sonoma? THEY
GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! Jackie, the daughter has kept in touch with
me pretty well since I left, and last Monday she told me the big news
:) she said they wished I could be there but they knew that in our
mission, we have a rule that you can't go back to old areas for
baptisms unless it's less than 30 minutes away. So the next day I
talked to president and he gave me permission to Skype in!! I was so
stoked. So Saturday comes and it was chaos and they went to the wrong
church and were 30 minutes late and I wasn't able to see or talk to
them before it started, so they didn't know I was there. But I got to
talk to them after and it was the best experience ever. They were so
surprised and we were so happy to see each other it was just one big
happy cry fest. But seriously, I don't think I've ever felt so much
pure joy in my life. I remember the moment I heard them go under the
water ( you aren't allowed to video ordinances, so I only listened to
the actual baptism) I just felt so much happiness for them knowing the
decision they had just made. Jackie and marina are both such amazing
women who have truly changed my life and will always hold a special
place in my heart.

On top of that, we found the most golden investigator this week! Her
name is Lidia, and she's actually a former investigator. After we
knocked on her door and found out she used to meet with the
missionaries, we went back and read her teaching record and apparently
she was super amazing and keeping all her commitments and then one day
she basically dropped off the face of the earth. Come to find out, one
of the sisters got transferred and it made Lidia really sad so she
kind of shut them out. But she told us that she never stopped
preparing for baptism and when we knocked on her door she knew it was
time. So we've set a date with her for August 22! She is such an
amazing woman. She has been through such a hard life and has come sooo
far. I can't even explain to you how lucky I feel to have met her, and
it's only been one week. She's one of those people that you just know
is an answer to your constant prayers to find the elect.

Speaking of baptismal dates, Jessica is still doing great and working
towards baptism! She's probably one of my favorite people in Dixon.
She's just so funny and loves us so she never turns us away when we
knock on her door :)

Lastly, I want to tell you about the alvarado family. So there's Sam,
the dad, and his kids DJ and Angelina. Sam is a less active but
Angelina and DJ aren't members. But let me tell you, they should be.
Those kids know way more than I ever did at their age! The other day
we went over and Angelina pretty much taught US the first lesson-
which is the restoration of the gospel, so Joseph smith and the Book
of Mormon and all that. She is incredible. And also adorable. And Sam
was a little bit of a tough nut to crack I guess you could say, but
he's making so much progress! Like when I first got here, he refused
to pray, and the other day we went over and they were in the middle of
dinner, but he came to the door and said, "hey, really sorry we're
eating but could we say a prayer together? Can I say it?" My jaw
almost dropped. I couldn't believe he was asking us if he could pray!
And it was the sweetest prayer. And after Angelina said "my turn!" So
she prayed too which was adorable. She always says "thank you for
sending the church girls cause I just love them so much!" Haha then
after that DJ said "ooh, I've got a good one! Let me pray!" So ya,
basically they are the cutest family.

Well, that's my week for you! I could go in forever because we truly
saw an infinite amount of miracles this week, but I think that will
suffice for the week :) never forget that Jesus loves you and so 
do I! :)

Love, Hermana Suzanna Lewis

1. Jackie, Marina and I after the baptism!
2. Me with the Alvarados!
3. My road :) haha don't mind how cheesy this is


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