Monday, July 27, 2015

Triple digits for daysss‏

Wow, is it getting hot here in Dixon! But all is well, I think I'm
finally sweating off that weight I gained in the MTC. HA. Anyways, we
got our new zone this week! It's kind of weird having all new people,
but it's going to be great. We got two greenies, one of which is here
in Dixon. And his poor companion is whitewashing, district leader,
training, and got trunky transfered (meaning he got transfered to a
new area his last transfer of the mission). He's got his work cut out
for him! Haha but the elders are great. The ward is so excited to
finally have elders back here, so it's definitely a good thing. One of
the adorable little primary girls saw them on sunday and said "wait,
boys can go on missions too?!" It was the cutest thing!

Well, as far as this week goes, nothing too crazy happened. We had no
near deaths, so that's good! We had some pretty amazing miracles
though. First off, we have been trying to have a movie night with the
Alvarado (Sam, Angelina, and DJ) family forever because we thought it
would be really good for them to show them the restoration movie.
Every time we planned it and got all excited, they would cancel or the
member that was going to come with us would cancel (because we can't
go in his house without a member), so it just wasn't working out. Then
on tuesday we had rescheduled to go and we couldn't find a member and
then our phone broke so we had no way to contact anyone and I was just
ready to give up and be done trying. But, then we went to our dinner
appointment and the member let us use her phone to call the ward
mission leader and he told us "I'll find someone. Just show up for
your appointment with him at 7 and I'll have a member there for you."
So sure enough, 2 hours later we pulled up to the Alvarado's home and
there was a member there waiting for us! We were so happy and it was
one of the best lessons we've had with them. The movie helped them all
see the importance of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon and how this
really is the restored gospel.

Okay, I take that back, something crazy DID happen this week. We were
talking to a man on a completely open street when suddenly this woman
appeared out of nowhere. She told us she was a member and had moved
from peru about a month ago and had been searching for the
missionaries and the church building. We talked to her for a bit and
gave her our info and the address for the church, but she didn't
remember her address or her phone number. So we left her with that and
she told us she'd call us. Then we got in our car to leave and
realized she told us she lives with her sister in law who used to talk
to the missionaries, so we might have her address in our areabook. We
drove to try and find her and ask her sister in law's name, and she
had literally dissapeared. There was seriously nowhere for this woman
to disappear to in the 1 minute we had our backs turned to her, but
she did. So we're just praying that we will be able to find her again!

To update you on our other investigators, Jessica made it to church
yesterday! She promised us she'd come and when church started she
still wasn't there so we were super discouraged, because she's never
late. But during the opening song, out of the corner of my eye I saw
her curly head of hair bobbing around in the back looking for us! It
was the best!

So, Lidia is currently ignoring us.. we think? We don't exactly know
what's happening with her cause she was super solid, so please keep
her in your prayers and that we'll be able to get back in contact with
her! Thanks for all you do for me, I love and appreciate all of you so

Love, Hermana Suzanna Lewis

Okay I don't have the best pictures this week, but here's one of the
sky the other day. There was a huge fire (7000 acres. Yikes!) out by
lake berryessa the other day and it turned the sun red and the sky was
one huge cloud of smoke.
This other one is just a glimpse at what our car rides consisted of.
We blast the circle of life and sing along, haha so this is a
screenshot of one of our singing videos. Enjoy!
Oh, and we milked cows last week. Woot woot!


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