Monday, July 20, 2015


Tomorrow is transfers! And Hermana Navarro and I are staying together here in Dixon! I am so stoked. We wanted to stay together so bad, which made us think one of us would get transferred.. haha but God loves us! But aside from us two, this transfer is CRAZY. Our entire zone is essentially being whitewashed! Whitewash means that both missionaries are taken out of an area and two new ones come in, which they don't do a lot. But when we got transfer doctrine on friday, I looked at our zone and all 20 something missionaries are new here, except for one of our zone leaders. I kid you not. So, it's going to be interesting! But I'm really excited. As hard as it is to see literally everyone leave us, I know it's going to be a good thing, so I'm ready. 
In addition to that craziness, they're taking the two other sisters out of our apartment and bringing elders in! Nobody knows where they're going to live because we talked to our housing lady the other day and she was apparently under the misunderstanding that they would be taking the sisters' apartment, which means they'd be living with us. Haha so this will be interesting. But ya, Dixon hasn't had elders for 4 years, so they're all pretty excited! I'll miss the english sisters a ton though, we've had a blast this transfer. 
In other news, we almost got killed by a rottweiler this week! It was probably the most terrifying experience of my life, but extremely cool. So here's what happened: we walked up to a fence that said "beware of dog," just like every other hispanic house with their little Chihuahuas, haha but we looked around and saw no dogs in the yard, so we walked through the gate. As soon as we shut it behind us, we heard the most terrifying bark and immediately tried to get it back open, but it was stuck. Then comes a huge rottweiler out of a hole in the side of the house and shoots towards us with the intention to kill us. We seriously thought we were dead. But, then a miracle happened and as soon as it reached us, something stopped it. I couldn't tell you what or who or how, but it stopped. It was such an amazing experience because I knew we were being protected. I might have destroyed my hand a bit trying to get the stupid gate open, haha but the dog didn't kill us and it was such a tender mercy.
So I wanted to share with you something I read in my personal study this week. I'm in Mosiah right now, and I just read the chapter about Abinadi preaching to the people and being righteous and doing exactly as God had commanded him. Sadly, nobody listened to him and he was put to death. I don't know about you, but I'd have a pretty hard time doing exactly what God asked me to and seeing nothing come out of it. But, little did Abinadi know, someone did listen. Alma believed the words of Abinadi and went forth after his death and taught, baptized, and brought hundreds of souls unto Christ. Moral of the story, you NEVER know the difference you're making, so continue going about doing good and FIND THE ONE! That is my challenge to all of you this week :) Love you!

Hermana Suzanna Lewis

1. Family barbecue at the Lane's house! This is just part of the huge family that makes up like half of the Dixon ward. Haha I love these people
2. Me and my puppy friend! She's ADORABLE.
3. Our zone/woodland at the service project we did on saturday!
4. This is our buddy dave. We volunteer at his thrift store and it's like the best service ever cause of this guy right here.


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