Monday, September 14, 2015

It's snowing in dixon!‏

Okay, it's not actually snowing. But there's been another fire this past week not too far away from us and a few days ago ashes were falling from the sky all night and it looked just like snow. Except it smelled like smoke and and I couldn't ski in it. But anywho, it made me feel a bit at home in a weird way which was nice :)

On to what actually matters... this week was pretty crazy. Our car had something that needed to be fixed, so we were on bikes most of this week, which was an adventure. It was actually pretty fun, except for the fact that the last time I rode a bike was probably when I was about 12 years old and my siblings and I pretended our bikes were pet horses. So.... it took me a while to get the hang of it. But after running into some bushes and almost killing my companion a few times, we made it out alive! We got to do a lot of contacting when we were on bikes cause you're constantly out on the streets passing people, so that was cool. We found some super nice people so I guess we'll see what happens with them in the future.

So on thursday morning, we got a call from one of my favorite investigators. She always keeps her commitments and has been doing well, but in our last lesson we kind of had to crack down with her and see if she really is interested in changing her religion cause she's a pretty strong catholic. So, we invited her to fast and pray about it and let us know what her answer was. When she called us this week, she told us her answer was that she wasn't going to change and didn't want to waste any more of our time. It's definitely sad seeing people like that with so much potential deny themselves all the blessings of the gospel that are waiting for them, but we always have faith that one day they'll change their mind :)

Well, here's the almost comical thing. So an hour after that, we had our first lesson of the day. And... she dropped us. Well, actually I'd say she "friend-zoned" us. As in, she told us she was catholic and never going to change, but she liked us as her friends so we were welcome to come visit any time. Then we go to our next lesson and we got friend-zoned again. Then a few hours later it happened again. FOUR TIMES. Four times in one day we got friend-zoned by our investigators. Haha so that was quite a day. But that night, we decided on a goal for the next week- we call it "date or drop." Since we have a lot of investigators who are potentially in the same situation with us, we decided this week we're going to invite every one of our investigators to be baptized on a specific date, or we're going to have to drop them. It's definitely going to be hard (we've only been doing it for 2 days now and it's already super hard!), but I know it will be a good thing because we're here to find the elect.
I just wanted to share a scripture with you all that I read this morning. It's Alma 57:27 and it's talking about the 2000 strippling warriors and how valiant and faithful they were. It reads "now this was the faith of these of whom I have spoken; they are young, and their minds are firm, and they do put their trust in God continually."
ALWAYS put your trust in God. And have a lovely week, love you all :)

Hermana Lewis

Sorry, no pictures today :( I'll do better next week!


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