Tuesday, September 8, 2015

People actually want to see us...?!‏

I got my new companion this week! Her name is Hermana Campbell. She is from southern california, her spanish is amazing, and she's been out about 10 months I think. She is so obedient and such an example to me, so I'm excited to see what this transfer brings for us!

This week, we had more miracles than I can count. We've had the amazing experience of having pretty much EVERYONE answer their doors this week and let us in, which doesn't usually happen here. It's actually almost funny, because when we're planning at night I always have a million backup plans for people to visit, cause usually the people we have planned won't answer or they cancel or something like that happens. So she was kinda confused as to why I plan so much stuff, and I kept telling her "I swear, these people always cancel" or "our first plan likely won't happen. They're hard to catch at home." But sure enough, just about everyone we've tried to visit has answered the door and let us in. My comp might be starting to think I'm crazy haha but I'll take being crazy if it means we get to meet with our people more!

Let me give you a great example from this week. So we go to these migrant camps (I think I talked about that a few weeks ago) and we have some success there, cause everyone is hispanic, but we never have huge success. Usually we knock on people's doors and they just say come back another day. Well, saturday we went out there and ended up having lessons with 3 of the 4 people we talked to. Ya... we only ended up having time to talk to 4 people cause they were all sooo receptive! It was such a blessing. One of them was an adorable teenage girl who surprisingly was so happy to see us when we knocked on her door and told us how much she's been wanting to learn about God and didn't know who to turn to, but then we showed up. Those are the kind of things that just strengthen my testimony of the fact that I'm here for a reason, and there's people here that NEED the gospel. 

Other than that, I don't think I have much to report on. Oh, I did conquer (kind of. not really actually. but sort of) my fear of spiders this week! The other night my companion had gone to bed already and I saw a HUGE spider on the wall. Not quite the size of the one on our deck a few weeks ago, but still pretty huge. I knew I had to kill it or it would probably end up in my bed that night, so I went to work. I was too scared to touch it, so I went about trying to douse it with hairspray, ammonia, water, etc. but this guy was a trooper and nothing was working. Finally I decided I'd throw stuff at it, and by some miracle (after many tries) I got him! And I didn't even have to touch it! Considering how uncoordinated/terrible aim I am, that's just a testament to me that God loves me and He's got my back. And he's got each and every one of your backs too! Always remember that :) Love you lots, happy Labor day!

Hermana Lewis 

Sorry, I've only got two this week. The first one is me and Hermana Campbell, and the other one is me with the Hollowells. They're some of my favorite members here- the kind that say "we're your parents here, so if you ever need anything give us a call." <3 Their daughter, Caroline, is leaving for her mission next week and I am SO excited for her!


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