Monday, September 28, 2015

"Here you go"‏

Well, this was a pretty slow week.. but it was great because we got to see President Wright THREE times this week! That's a lot. I think on average we see him once every month or two, so that was pretty great. We had interviews with him this week which I pretty much look forward to like christmas so that was a good day. Then he and the APs and the tech elders came to our zone thursday and trained us on how to better find and contact people. It was so helpful because sometimes I get into this robotic routine and I feel like a terrible missionary haha but after that we've been able to really work on talking to people like real people and just loving them so it's been so great.

As far as our week goes, like I said it was pretty slow. But one thing I did love about this week was seeing how there's so many little things that just show me that God loves us and is watching out for us. I feel like sometimes he's sitting up there watching us ask for stupid little things or need help with something small and I think he just laughs and says "here you go" and gives us whatever it may be that just shows he is watching and listening and wants to help us. For example, the day after our training with president, it was 8:45 and we still needed 2 more contacts in order to get our 20 for that day. We had planned to go downtown (which, by the way, is like a whole 15 square feet), but we didn't have much time and didn't know if it would be productive because it's usually white drunk people who aren't interested. But, we decided to be brave and stick with our plans cause we've been trying to work on that. So we pull up, and that's when we saw our little "here you go" miracle from God. One, there were exactly two people sitting on a bench a few feet ahead of us. Two, they were hispanic. Three, we tried our absolute best to apply the things president taught us about contacting and it TOTALLY worked and they were so receptive! So, we're going to be teaching them this week and hopefully picking them up as investigators :)

On a less spiritual note, let me give you another example of God handing us a miracle this week. So, we got locked out of our apartment (yes, we've been struggling lately. We're not the smartest hermanas out there.) After a series of calling people, trying to break in with a credit card, my companion scaling the fence to our second-story deck to try and break in through that door, we had no success. The management office said that any lockouts are on our own dime and we have to call a locksmith. We were so bummed because the maintenance guy, who is actually our good friend, has a key and we knew he would let us in, but he wasn't at the complex. We sat down for a minute trying to figure out what we wanted to do, when the maintenance guy pulled up! We just felt like God was saying "here you go" one more time and helping us poor little stupid missionaries out. He really does love us!

Well, we also got to go to the womens conference on saturday and of course it was amazing! General Conference has officially begun and I couldn't be more happy! I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity we have to listen to a modern-day prophet who leads and guides our church. I hope you all get a chance to watch it this weekend and get something out of it! If you go into it with problems, questions, and a true desire to recieve help and revelation, I can PROMISE that you will. Love you all, have a wonderful week!

Hermana Lewis

P.S. we saw a guy this week carrying a bag of what we thought were groceries, so we offered to carry it. Turns out it was his urine bag.... I've been very hesitant to offer help carrying things ever since!

Okay, pictures:
1. Me and Sister Wright
2. We were sad cause our favorite investigators just got back from mexico but they weren't answering their door
3. at dinner with peter!
4. random lady we saw holding a sign haha
5. basically what my companion's camera roll looks like. She takes constant stalker pictures of me haha so I had to add one in here


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