Monday, October 12, 2015

I'm going to ROSA!

Well, I'm getting transferred to Santa Rosa! And I get to be in a SPANISH WARD! I've only served in english wards my whole mission and I was really hoping to be able to go to a spanish branch next.. but I got even better than that! It's the only spanish ward in the mission so I feel pretty lucky :) So before I tell you all about my new area, let me just tell you that waiting for transfer info is probably the HARDEST test of my patience there is! We're supposed to find out friday nights and the anticipation leading up to it kind of feels like christmas, but not like a normal christmas. it's like a christmas where you don't actually know if santa is even coming and if anything good or bad is coming your way, so you just anxiously wait. then you find out that it's going to be postponed to sometime on saturday, but you have no idea when and where you'll be and it's just a roller coaster of anxiety. But after an extra day of agonizing waiting, finally it came around dinner time saturday and I am SO stoked!

So my companion and I are going to be whitewashing (which means both missionaries in that area were transferred out and they're bringing two new ones in) and I'm a little nervous about that, but I'm excited. My new companion is Hermana Akre which I'm also super stoked about. I've never met her but I do know she's from canada and that pretty much everyone in the mission loves her. Something else that's kind of cool is that my zone leaders will be elder muncey, whose aunt is my mom's best friend, and elder hastings, who many of you probably know because I went to high school with him. It's going to be a good transfer! I'm definitely sad to leave my companion and dixon and all the amazing people here, but I know the Lord needs me somewhere else and I can't wait to see what he has in store for me.
As far as what happened this week, we actually had an amazing weekend with Oscar and Leti. I'm not sure if I've told you all about them before, but they're this family with a 9 year old who we absolutely love. We've been working with them a ton lately and it's really cool to see them finally making progress. They have so much potential and I KNOW they're going to be baptized someday, it's just a matter of time :) But anyways, they FINALLY started keeping commitments and they came to a baptism in woodland with us on saturday and then on sunday they even showed up to the barbecue we had out at the Lane ranch! It was kind of a homecoming party for the bishop's son/birthday party/farewell party so a lot of people from the ward were there and it was good to have them socializing and making friends with the ward.
Well... I'm honestly not quite sure what else to share with you this week! We had such an amazing week I don't even know what I can report back to you! It was one of those weeks where by the time I found out I was getting transferred, I didn't want to leave all the amazing investigators we have and the amazing supportive members. I've learned so much here in Dixon and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had to serve here. But I KNOW that our mission president is inspired and that he's sending me exactly where I need to be. Wish me luck in Rosa! I've updated my new address at the bottom :) Love you all!

Hermana Lewis 

Pictures: (Sorry only one of the pictures worked #4 but I sure would have liked to see #5!)
1. Lane ranch barbecue!
2. Me and the harris's, my absolute favorites. They were just in Utah this week and met up with my family and got a picture with them, so I had to make sure I got a picture with them as well :)
3. Oscar, leti, Jacqueline, and me at the baptism!
4. Me and Jackie, an adorable member who we go to service for every week
5. Haha this is Ernestina and her husband. Ernestina is one of our amazing golden investigators and her husband is a super loud obnoxious funny guy. we came up to the door that day, he was sitting at the table eating dinner with nothing on... Luckily we saw nothing haha but hence the robe See-no-evil monkey


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