Monday, October 26, 2015

Never coming home

First off, something happened to my weekly email group, so I had to
start over this week and don't remember who was in it. So if you're
getting this and don't want it, let me know :) haha

Okay, So ever since day one I've loved the mission. Granted it's been
hard and sometimes I've wanted to give up, but I've loved it. But the
reason I say this is because I don't think it was until this week that
I realized how much I truly do love it here. I've officially decided
I'm never coming home cause I NEVER want to stop being a missionary!

So... let me explain what happened this week and why I've come to this
conclusion. So there's this weird virus going around that lasts
forever and it's like the flu and a bad cold mixed together and it's
just awful, and our mission nurse essentially quarantines anyone who
gets it. Haha so up to this point in my mission I've never had me or
any of my companions be sick enough that we had to stop working and
stay in. so, when 3 of the 4 of us in my apartment got the bug and had
to stay inside, it was the first time I've had to take a break from
doing missionary work since I got my name tag. And it was TERRIBLE! At
first I tried watching bible videos and Mormon messages and whatnot,
and after an hour of feeling like I was just watching tv and wasting
time, I was ready to rip my hair out! Entonces... I've come to the
conclusion that I'm just never going to leave the mission (lo siento
mom 😬). I can't imagine life without being a missionary! And the
reason I share all this is because I just want you all to know how
happy I am and that I am 100% confident this is the best decision I
have ever made. Anyone debating/considering going on a mission.... DO
IT! I PROMISE you won't regret it. It definitely won't be the easiest
thing you ever do, it will test you and try you, but it is SO worth
it. I promise. Heavy black heart

On that note, let me tell you about our week! Obviously not a whole
lot happened, but we actually set a baptismal date with our
investigator, Marta! It's set for November 22, but currently she works
Sunday's so we're praying she'll be able to get that changed so she
can come to church and get baptized!

We also picked up a cool new investigator this week named Arturo. He
is such a hoot. We had his number in our phone so we called it last
week, and he wanted to set up an appointment with us. So we show up at
his house the other day for our appointment, but there wasn't any
females home so we couldn't go in (just one of the rules we have). So
we start talking with him at the door and he just tells us "I'm sorry,
this is too awkward. I can't do this. Can we, like, go to the park?"
Hahaha so now we meet with him at the park. But it's all good, he's

Oh also, the other night at 2am we heard something on our deck and
were SURE somebody was trying to break in and spent a while reacting
as most girls would..... Turns out it was a family of raccoons.

Lastly, next week I won't be emailing until nov. 4 (my 1/2 way mark
Face screaming in fearGrinning face with smiling eyesWeary faceDizzy face) cause it's temple week! So don't worry when I don't write
Monday :)

Well, that's all for this week! I love you all and hope you have a
great week and a happy Halloween! Stay safe :)

1. So, when I first started getting sick I took a nap during lunch one
day. Then after I had to convince my companion I wasn't sick, I was
just a little tired and that I'd be fine. So, I put my shoes on and we
went out tracting. A few hours later, she looked down at my shoes and
noticed they weren't the same.... Turns out I was extremely out of it
and actually was sick. Haha this is one of the most embarrassing
pictures I've sent home but the story is worth it Face with tears of joy
2. This is our zone (Santa rosa north) and the Santa Rosa south zone
with our stake president


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