Monday, November 30, 2015


Okay, I had to make that the subject line cause if any of you are like
me, you read the subject and skim the email and that's about it. Haha
so anyways, I need addresses from anyone who would like to get a
Christmas card from my comp and I... So please send them! Thank you :)

Oh my goodness, this week was absolutely crazy! We were literally
running from place to place trying to fit everything in. I mean I'm
definitely not complaining about that, but my poor greenie! Speaking
of which, she is amazing! She got here at 5 am Wednesday morning and
had been driving through the night, so in the training meeting
president told me "your companion got 2 hours of sleep last night, so
I give you permission to take her home and let her sleep for the day."
So after we finished our meeting, her and I started heading home and
she asked me what we would be doing that day, so I told her president
said she could sleep all day, and she said "what? I don't wanna do
that. Let's go." Haha so off we went! We got to work and had a great
day and have been doing great ever since. She is such a great
missionary already and is a convert of only a year and a half! And her
name is Hermana Garcia. We've been working super well together and are
having a blast. Since we do have two areas combined into one now, we
are crazy busy, but she's handled it super well and I'm really excited
for what is to come this transfer.

So this week, we had thanksgiving of course which was so much fun. We
had early morning service setting up for a nativity festival that will
be this weekend, so that took most of our morning. Then we headed to
the turkey bowl which was super fun and most of the missionaries and a
lot of members showed up. Then we went to an old folk's home to wish
the residents happy thanksgiving and visit with them, which was super
fun cause they all had very big personalities and were absolutely
hilarious. Then we went to our thanksgiving dinner which was
definitely different than any of my thanksgivings in the past, but I
sure wouldn't change it for anything. After dinner we had appointments
with a few families and one of our investigators who doesn't have
family here and had no plans for the night so we took him a pie which
was fun. It was definitely a thanksgiving that I will remember and
cherish forever.

As far as our investigators goes, we have a new investigator up in
healdsburg, our new area, who is super ready to be baptized, he just
doesn't know it yet... :) so basically we're just working really hard
with him and trying to help his testimony grow.

We also just picked up two new investigators yesterday! They were
investigating the church a long time ago, but then one of the members
showed up to church with them and they want to have us start teaching
them again! So that was a tender mercy :)

To close today I just want to tell you all how grateful I am for the
gospel in my life. Especially having thanksgiving this past weekend,
I've definitely been able to see what a blessing it is in my life and
how truly lucky I am to be here on a mission sharing that with others.
I'm thankful for all the experiences I've been able to have here, for
all the trials, for all the things God has taught me and continues to
teach me, for my family, my friends (so, all of you:), for truly
everything. Seriously, we are so blessed! Just take a moment this week
to count your blessings :) love you, hope you all had a great
thanksgiving and that you have a wonderful first week of December! 
Hermana Lewis 

1. Matching w/ Hermana Steiner 
2. Saying goodbye :( sorry don't mind our crying 
3 & 4. Me and my cute comp! 
5. Some of the cute members in our ward decorated our door for thanksgiving!

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  1. Love reading your letters and about your wonderful experiences!! You are such a great missionary, keep up the good work!!
    Love to you and have a great holiday!
    Aunt Bonnie