Monday, March 14, 2016

It's raining, it's pouring‏

So, this week was basically just full of rain. It rained and rained
for days and then we thought the rain has stopped and then it rained
again. But we've enjoyed it a lot :) people apparently are a lot more
willing to let us in when we look like drowned rats. Even if it means
we soak their couches! The rain has also somehow created this odd
desire in us to cook more. Normally we eat like sandwiches or salads
for lunch, but this week we cooked a lot, which also included Hermana
Campbell cooking a taco in salsa and filling our entire apartment with
crazy strong spicy fumes that almost killed us all. Haha so all in
all, it's been fun.
Second item of business, I just wanted to congratulate my little
brother spencer on getting his mission call this week to Helsinki,
Finland! You will be an amazing missionary no doubt about that Smiling face with smiling eyes
Lastly, I wanted to share the website with you
all! If you haven't been there yet, go check it out! They just
released a few new videos for the Easter initiative this year. It's
crazy to me that Easter is just two weeks away, but this website
definitely helped me to better focus in on Easter coming up and the
resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ.
That's all for today, love you all!

Hermana Lewis  

1. So this is obviously dedicated to my brother, spencer. The fact that "King" and "spencer" street here in rosa intersect was definitely
not a coincidence. And it was also not a coincidence that a few days
before his call came, i happened to be on exchanges and we were visiting someone over there so I got to snap a pic :). 
2. Classic rain pics. I definitely left the house with straight hair
that day... 😑Face with tears of joy


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