Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Finding IS fun!‏

Hey everyone!
Honestly, this week was absolutely insane but at the same time I feel
like nothing happened. Long story short, Erick's baptism has been
postponed because we had a huge storm this weekend and bishop wouldn't
let him get baptized at the beach in the storm. It was a bit weird
trying to inform everyone it was cancelled because I felt like we were
calling off a wedding. But on the bright side, this experience has
taught me (and hopefully will teach all of you who are not yet
married) some very important lessons.
1. If your wedding reception is outside, always have a backup in case
the weather is bad.
2. Don't get married until you're 110% sure, cause calling off a
wedding (or a color-schemed beach baptism) is not very fun.
So, there's that. But he still wants to be baptized asap, so pray for
good weather!
Aside from that, basically we spent the week tracting in the rain and
having fun. Let me tell you, as terrified as I was to be in a trio, it
is a blast. You get twice as many laughs, twice as much brain power,
twice as much wisdom, twice as much everything! Something I really
wanted to work on this transfer was to just love finding, and these
two companions of mine have definitely helped me to do that. The other
day, we had a few hours of tracting ahead of us, we were already
soaked head to toe, all of us forgot our rain boots, and we were
absolutely freezing. But somehow me managed to laugh so much that none
of any of that mattered. So moral of the story, finding IS fun when
you've got two companions to keep you entertained! Anyways, have a
great week everyone :) love you all! Sorry I have no pictures this

Hermana Lewis


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