Monday, June 1, 2015

Too many to count‏

I couldn't put everything that happened this week into one subject line... But i'm gonna try my best to put it into an email! This week was so amazing! Looking back on it, I can't even believe that everything that happened since last week was only seven days. First off, one of the most amazing thing that happened this week was that we found a new family who is so ready for the gospel. It's a mom and her two teenage daughters, who told us they've been so confused with all the different churches and don't know how to find which one is true. Um, golden! I love when people ask questions that we have the answers to :) so ya, I'm really excited about this family. They have a lot of potential. And speaking of potential, our awesome investigator Ricardo is still going strong! Sadly he wasn't able to come to church yesterday because he still hasn't been able to get work off, but we're really hoping he can in the near future!

So, we have this investigator that is super lazy and doesn't really ever do anything, but it's always hilarious to me because his mom sits in on the lessons and she says the funniest things. She's catholic and isn't interested in our message at all, but she really wants him to become a member of our church. She always gets mad at him in the lessons cause he'll say he can't meet with us a certain day or something, and she'll say "Ernesto, that's just cause you're meeting with the Jehovah's witnesses that day! You don't need to block out an entire day for one visit!" Haha oh ya, he's also openly cheating on us with the j-dubs (Jehovah's witnesses), but he told us he likes our church more so it's fine. Haha anyways, ya his mom has no filter and it's hilarious. And I'm pretty sure the only words she knows in English are "oh shoot," only she doesn't say shoot. And that's all I have to say about that. 

This week we had a really cool experience with Jeremias. He's been taught everything, is super ready to be baptized, has a super strong desire to be baptized, but just doesn't feel ready yet. He's had a hard time accepting that he doesn't have to be perfect and know everything. So we visited him the other day and he hadn't been reading in the Book of Mormon since the last time we visited. Since that's super important, we decided to read a little bit with him. We asked him to just open his scriptures to a random page and pick a verse to start on, to see what God wanted to say to him today. Well, guess what chapter he ended up in? Alma 32. We definitely had to have faith that he would turn somewhere that would help him (like who knows what would have happened if he ended up in one of the war chapters), but I honestly can't think of a better chapter for him. The second verse we read with him was verse 26, which starts out by saying "Now, as I said concerning faith--that it was not a perfect knowledge." I know for a fact that was inspired, and to see the change it made in him was amazing. God truly spoke to him through that scripture and it addressed his exact personal concerns perfectly. Miracles are real!

Here's my few random notes for the week:
-We ran into some people the other day and Hermana nimmer started talking to them in Spanish... They glared at us, said "we're ASIANS." And walked away. Flushed faceGrinning face with smiling eyes
-A member gave a talk in church yesterday and said her dad wrote the song la bamba? Don't know if that's legit or not, haha but I thought it was cool.
-Speaking of famous people, one of our investigators used to be a pro soccer player for Peru/Argentina (both? I don't remember). He said he was one of the best they had but had to give it up because of a bad injury. Don't know if that's legit either haha but his name is Silvio Diaz. Look him up for me. He is super solid though and loves the bible more than probably anyone I've ever met!
-Last p-day I napped in the car for an hour and a half while Hermana nimmer ran up and down the street. It made me so happy I had to share.
-I just want all of you who live in Utah to be grateful it's not humid there cause I've been trying to dry out my peeps from Easter (they're a million times better that way) for a month now and they won't do it! It's so sad. Fluffy peeps are no good.
-I got to go blitzing this week with one of my favorite missionaries in the CASRM! So a blitz is when the entire zone works in one companionship's area for a few hours, and you exchange companions. We went to Hermana Gonzales' area on Saturday and I got to be with her! It was a blast. I seriously have so much fun with her! We're totally gonna be companions one day Winking face

So pictures: 
1. My homegirl Hna Gonzales 
2. Me in the beautiful garden we volunteer at! Sorry family, I didn't wear my rice farmer hat that day Pensive faceFace with tears of joy
3. The pro jugador de fútbol, Silvio! Don't mind my awkwardness.
4. My zone at the blitz! Well, half of them.


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