Monday, August 3, 2015

No subject line can explain the insanity of this week

Oh my goodness. I don't think this week could have been any crazier!
It was so great though :) okay where to start.. Well first and
foremost, some of you have probably heard about all the wildfires
going on here, and I just wanted to let you all know that dixon is
safe, so don't worry! We see them burning up on the mountains though
and it's so sad. These fires are causing so much damage and they're
having a hard time getting them under control, so PLEASE keep the
firefighters in your prayers :) they need all the help they can get.

Next item of business, we got a new elder in Dixon this week! Our
greenie went home which was definitely sad, but it was for the best.
So we got elder Sabin who goes home in 2 weeks. Did I mention last
week that his companion, elder kimball, goes home in a month? Ya, we
have no idea how this is all going to work out. But obviously God put
them here for a reason!

Okay, so now I want to tell you about some of the amazing miracles we
saw this week! First off, we had dinner with a less active couple this
week who completely won my heart. They are truly the sweetest, most
humble people I've ever met. And their only reason for being less
active is that they live way out in the country and sometimes can't
afford to drive into town for church. But don't worry, now that the
ward is aware of that, they've got it covered :) anywho, their names
are Angel and Carmela and they are truly the most incredible examples
of humble I've ever seen. From the short hour we spent eating with
them, i learned almost as much about humility as I have the whole rest
of my mission. I just can't express to you how much I love them. Not
to mention that they gave us whole tomatoes for dinner and if you know
me, you know that even a slice of tomato usually makes me throw up.
Well, I'm proud to say I ate 2 whole tomatoes PLAIN that night. :)

Also, the lady who appeared out of nowhere last week called us!
Remember her? The member from Peru? Also, did I mention her name
actually is Lady? Well she called and wanted us to come over to her
house and teach her and her sister in law! We went and visited them on
Wednesday and it was one of the best lessons ever. We had almost no
preparation cause she called and asked if we could come over right
then and of course we couldn't say no to that, so we just went and we
relied on the spirit and it was such a great lesson! The first thing
her sister in law, edith, said was "I don't know hardly anything about
your church, but I'm ready to learn!" That's not something you get
every day! So yeah, we're super excited about her. She said yes to
baptism, so we're hoping to get her committed to a date this week!

Well, I have a lovely story for you. So, backstory- every morning we
go to the park by our house and I run laps while my comp walks. We've
done the same thing every day for about 2 months now and it's always
been great, until this week when satan's dog appeared. We had just
gotten to the park and I was just happily running and enjoying my
morning like I always do when I heard my comp yelling at me. Then
before I knew it this little dog was trying to eat my shoes and got
tangled up in my feet and knocked me to the ground. I can't tell you
how mad I was at this dumb dog! Needless to say, I haven't run since.
I think God is trying to make me hate dogs. But in the bright side, it
was also a blessing. We had 2 service projects to go to that day and
it was over 100 degrees (like always haha) and by the end of the day I
think I was the most exhausted that I've ever been. So, it was a
blessing because that lovely little demon dog saved me from 30 minutes
of running and wearing myself out even more. Anyways, I thought you'd
all enjoy that.

Lastly, I was reading a talk this morning that I absolutely loved that
I think you should all read. It's called "Rise to your Call" by
President Eyring. It talks about our callings/roles in the church,
whether it be nursery worker, missionary, or bishop. We all are called
to do things and it is our responsibility to fulfill it. I won't share
a whole lot with you cause you should all read it anyways, but he
talked primary about how we are called of God, that he will guide is
by revelation just as he called us, and along with that he will
magnify us. It may take sacrifice, but I can promise all of you that
your efforts do not go unnoticed and they will bless you and those
that you serve! Just like my favorite hymn says, "sacrifice brings
forth the blessings of heaven." That couldn't be more true!

Well, I apologize for the lengthy email this week. But, I had a lot to
catch you up on! And with all the insanity this week, I'm sorry I have
no pictures for you. But anyways I love you all! Happy August! (Crazy,
right?!) time is flying by way too fast, tomorrow I hit 6 months!

Hermana Suzanna Lewis


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