Monday, February 15, 2016

Transfers and heart attacks (literally and figuratively)‏

Hey everyone! First off, let me clarify what I was saying about
Facebook- so I have a mission Facebook, that's not the one I had at
home, that I post on occasionally and use as a missionary. So if you
want to be friends, my name on there is Hermana-Suzanna Lewis. And I'm
not allowed to communicate with people from home on there, but you're
welcome to like or share any of my posts :)
So transfers are tomorrow.... And I'm staying here! Hermana Garcia
will be leaving though :( we were both super shocked to hear that
(hence the heart attack), cause I was sure I was leaving and had
already said goodbye to pretty much everyone haha. But that isn't even
the craziest part... I'm gonna be in a trio! Hermana Rosas and I are
becoming companions and combining our areas, which I'm actually
terrified about but excited cause I've served around her my entire
mission and now I get to kill her (meaning, she goes home next
transfer). And guess who my other companion is? Hermana Campbell, my
comp from back in Dixon! So ya, lots of unexpected changes here but
I'm ready for us to have a great transfer full of miracles :)
So aside from that, this week was pretty great. First, we had a member
who's not active call us and ask us to come visit him and his family
who were here visiting from Mexico and aren't members. So we went over
and taught the restoration and it was such an amazing lesson! But even
better than that- he invited us to come eat with them with his less
active sister the next day, who lives up in Geyserville. Well, come to
find out, his sister is a member we've been trying to contact forever!
So that was a super cool miracle we had. Sadly, his nonmember family
is headed back to Mexico tomorrow so we won't get to keep teaching
them, but we're sending their info to the missionaries in Mexico and
I'm sure they'll have them baptized soon :)
Another fun thing we did this week, since it was Valentine's Day, was
heart attack everyone. We had a ward party Saturday, so the two of us
ate super quick and ducked out so we could put hearts on our members
doors before they got home, then tried to sneakily heart attack our
investigators too, which was a big accomplishment I'd say cause they
were all home and we only got caught once! Haha we had one family who
we finished and rang the doorbell and bolted, but the dad came out and
saw our car on the corner and that we weren't in it (we didn't think
that one through) so I waited behind a bush forever until finally I
decided to check if he was there, and sure enough he still was and
looked right at me! So me, being the awkward person I am, just burst
out laughing and bolted to the car. So there was that, but it was
worth the memories :)
Lastly, we had a cool broadcast from salt lake yesterday for stake
conference which I really enjoyed. Elder Hamula, from the 70, was one
of the people who spoke, which was super cool because he's actually
coming to our mission this weekend so I'll get to hear from him at
zone conference and then MLC next week as well! One thing that was
said that I absolutely loved was that some of the most important
things we can do are:
1. Keep your life centered on the Savior
2. Trust in the Lord and the power of His salvation
3. Support the Lord's church and its leaders. And I know that if we all do that, we're going to be so much happier
in life and be able to see blessings beyond what we ever thought we
would receive :) I love you all and hope you have a great week! 
Hermana Lewis 
1. Us with Leslie 
2. At Jesus's baptism! He's the one in the bottom corner :) 
3. Our barbecue in Geyserville 
4. Happy late v-day everyone :) 
5. Zone picture! Minus the zone leaders... Haha whoops


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