Monday, February 1, 2016

Miracles & blessings‏

Everyone! I just wanted to tell you that this was one of the best
weeks ever and I am just so happy Smiling face (black and white)️ I'm sorry I don't have a ton of
time to tell you the details because we're going bowling in a minute,
but I'll share my favorite miracles with you!
First, we picked up 3 new investigators this week and already have
baptismal dates with two of them! And the third one we are seeing
tonight so hopefully we can commit him to a date too.
Second, we had MLC on Thursday. But this wasn't just a normal MLC- the
director of proselyting (for the entire world), brother Hemingway, and
the director of reporting, brother Fillmore, came to visit and they
taught us some pretty amazing things. I can't even tell you what an
answer to prayers that meeting was- by the end of the day I felt
completely mind-blown, spiritually exhausted, slightly chastised, but
also so pumped and ready to get out and work harder than I've ever
worked before. And for the first time ever, I'm actually excited
excited to teach zone meeting, because I get to share a small part of
their inspiring words with the other missionaries who weren't there.
Third, our investigator Eric, who has been super distant lately,
randomly called us the other day and wanted to meet! So we did and we
had such a great lesson with him :)
Fourth, we found out one of our investigators and one of our members
are seriously twins, and it was the funniest experience ever. So we
invited this member, monolo, to visit our investigator, Arturo, with
us. Now first I have to tell you that every time we visit Arturo, he
makes some comment about how our noses are growing (cause he says
we're lying like Pinocchio) and then laughs at his own joke for a good
five minutes while we just stare at him. So we take monolo to his
house the other day and he asked Arturo why he hasn't been to church.
When he started giving excuses, monolo put his hands over his eye and
said something like "you're nose just grew so long it poked my eye
out!" Then the two of then laughed together for a good 5 minutes and
my companion and I couldn't help laughing either cause we couldn't
even believe how similar they are. That was the moment we decided
these two were twins. That's not really a miracle exactly, but we
though it was funny so I wanted to share.
Anyways, I have to go but I love you all, have a great first week of February!  
Hermana Lewis  

Sorry, no pictures this week. But here's a video of monolo dancing at
Arturo's house! Idk if it will work but I'll try


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