Monday, February 22, 2016

Trio power // GA interviews‏

So I'm officially in a trio! Hence the title :) seriously though, trio
power is a real thing. I'll be honest, my whole mission I've been
terrified of being in a trio, but it is such a blessing! Both my
companions are super obedient and work hard, so it's such a huge
blessing cause the three of us are all on the same page and are able
to get so much done together. This week was so crazy I can hardly even
remember it to be honest! From tracting in the rain to teaching
lessons back to back for hours, we had a pretty miraculous week.
So something super cool that happened this week was that elder Hamula,
from the quorum of the 70, along with his wife, came to speak to our
mission. So we all gathered together to hear them and it was seriously
just hours of pure inspiration. They are both so amazing and taught us
so much! I don't know how our mission got so lucky but lately we've
had such amazing visitors who pretty much blow my mind but also are
helping me so much to become a better missionary. Another super cool
thing was that I was one of the lucky ducks who he interviewed after.
He asked president if he could interview 5 of us, so president gave
him a few names and I got to be one of them. I was actually terrified,
to be honest, mainly because president has this thing where he said
he'll never send anyone home, so was like "well what if he's just
gonna make elder Hamula pull us in his office to send us home?!" So
when I came out of the interview, president said, "see, you're still
alive! I guess we'll keep you." Haha but in all seriousness, this
interview was the biggest blessing! He asked me a few questions about
the mission and my thoughts, and then he asked if I had any questions
for him that didn't get answered in the conference. So I told him how
I came in with a few questions which all were answered at some point,
but then I got to just talk with him about doctrine and how to be the
best missionary I can be, and his wisdom pretty much left me baffled
to say the least. So, that was definitely an experience I won't
Something elder Hamula talked a lot about was the importance of
sticking to the pure and simple doctrine. Along with that, we were
meeting with one of our returning less actives this week and he told
us how much he likes to read the pamphlets we've given him, even
though he's read them a million times and they're so simple, they
always help him feel the spirit. Both experiences were just such a
reminder to me that pure and simple doctrine can always bring the
spirit, even if it's something we've heard or learned a million times.
So never forget that! Love you all :)  
Hermana Lewis 
1. Me and my favorite baby, Angelito! 
2. I had to get a picture with these two before transfers cause
they're both from the wonderful land of bountiful! Elder Hastings went
to woods cross with me and elder jones sadly went to bountiful.... But
we've forgiven him 
3. Packing day fails haha 
4. So, this picture captures probably one of my happiest moments I can
think of on the mission. We were at church and none of our
investigators were there and all but one told us right before it was
supposed to start that they couldn't make it, and in walks the
Hernandez family. Cesar, the one on the far right, hasn't been to
church in I don't even know how long, but never did I think I'd see
this day come. He wouldn't hardly even talk to us when I first got
here, let alone have anything to do with religious things. And here he
is at church! Miracles happen people. Daily. 
5. Saying goodbye to Hna Garcia :( please excuse our ugly faces


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