Monday, February 8, 2016

Who needs the Super Bowl when you've got mission miracles!? Ps, add me on Facebook :)‏

What a week! I won't lie, it was a bit hard to miss the super bowl,
but God sure loves me cause the whole weekend was full of miracles
which took my mind off of that :)
We had more miracles than I can even begin to count. The biggest
miracle though was finding our new investigator, Leslie. I can
honestly say I think she is the most prepared and elect person I have
ever found in my mission! We found her on Saturday knocking doors, and
she was so excited to see us I think she might have even squealed. I
assumed maybe she had family who were members or was a former, but
come to find out the only thing she knew was that someone once told
her Mormons didn't believe in God, but she didn't think that was true.
That's it! That's all she knew and she still was stoked to see us
cause she said she's been look for a Christian church ever since she
came to the states 2 years ago. And the next day she came to church
and at one point she turned to me and said "how long does an
investigator have to be taught to get baptized? I want to go to that
temple trip they were talking about today, can I?" I am so excited to
work with her and see her continue to progress :)
Another miracle we saw was with one of our members. She's been having
a hard time lately and hasn't been coming to church, and whenever we
try to set appointments with her it doesn't work out. So finally we
decided to stop by her house and just leave a bunch of sticky notes
with scriptures and notes for her. So we're in the middle of sticking
them on the door, when she opens it! It was so awkward and we just
stood there uncomfortably laughing... But then she invited us in! We
had such a great lesson with her and at the end we asked if there was
anything else we could do for her, and she told us "I think I'm ready
for you to visit me again. Just come visit me all the time." We were
so happy! It was soo worth the awkward encounter on the doorstep haha
Well honestly, I could go on all day, but that's probably all I have
time for. But first, I have good news! I CAN BE FRIENDS WITH YOU ALL
ON FACEBOOK! So go add me! (cause as much as I love you all, o don't
really have time to go find you all and add you as friends) The rule
just changed this week :) My name is Hermana-Suzanna Lewis. So ya,
there's that! Love you all!!  
1. Me and my copy 
2. Celebratory year-mark lunch at crepe vine (literally the best
restaurant ever) with my MTC comp, Hermana Burton! 
3. We found a phone booth so obviously I had to get a picture :)


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