Monday, February 29, 2016


Miracles, people. Miracles. That about sums up this week. So, let me
tell you a story about this week. So first, we met with Erick on a
video call this Tuesday, and somehow the conversation got to the topic
of baptism. Now, he hasn't wanted to talk about baptism lately cause
he told us he'd let us know as soon as he decided on a date, so we've
tried not to push it too much. But at the end of the lesson, he was
talking to us about how he knows he needs to do it and he's already
made the decision, he just doesn't know when. So we sat there for a
second, and all of the sudden I just blurted out "what about next
Saturday? Like the 5th?" And he sat there for another second, and then
said, "si, esta bien!" AHHHHHH!!!!!! YOU GUYS!!!You have no idea how
long I've been waiting for that moment! Like literally almost my
entire 5 months here in rosa! So we've been trying to figure out all
the logistics this week because he wants to be baptized in the ocean
and also has a color scheme for the baptism. Sooo wish us luck with
that one :)
Next exciting news.... Luis got baptized yesterday!!! So, I don't
think I've mentioned much about him, but he is the sweetest, most
amazing guy ever. We love him so much. So we haven't actually even
been teaching him that long, but his scheduled baptismal date was this
past Saturday. But when we met with him a little over a week ago, we
brought it up and he said he thought that would be too soon, and that
he wanted more time. So we kept teaching and told him to pray about a
new date. So fast forward to our lesson on Thursday, and we asked if
he's been praying about a new date. Then he tells us "well, i think
you said this weekend before, that sounds good. I'm ready now!" And we
kind of just stood there in shock! And my companion told him we could
try, but we hadn't taught him some things yet, most importantly the
word of wisdom yet and we needed to make sure he was obeying it. And
then he said "well Gerardo (that's a member we take to lessons with
him) already talked to me about that, and I don't drink coffee or
anything. I don't even drink soda, or eat sweets." So we told him,
Sunday it is! Then the next two days we spent frantically trying to
put the program together and finish teaching him all the lessons, and
it all came together! We may or may not have been boiling pots of
water in the kitchen for hours and transporting them to the font
because the water heater had problems, but all is well. It was a great
baptism and we're so happy for him :) moral of the story, baptisms in
general are just great. Yesterday at a meet and greet with our stake
president someone mentioned a quote from some general authority who
honestly I have since forgotten, but it said something to the effect
that if every person in the world could understand how wonderful it is
to be a member of this church, every font everywhere would be open
24/7 all year long, with endless lines of people waiting to enter the
waters of baptism. How true is that! Anyways, that's all i have for
you this week. I love you all! Oh also happy leap year day! 
Hermana Lewis 
Luis's baptism!!
Oh, and the other one is me and the one and only Hermana Burton on
exchanges. Haha this is what we did during lunch :)


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